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Express emotions - The crematorium of the future

Studies for a holistic approach to the future of cremation

September 2006: ARTelier Reiss has been looking at the issue of cremation for almost 15 years. IFZW Germany, located in Zwickau in Saxony, as our client has always given us the freedom to think and work holistically in terms of the concept, marketing, communication, corporate design, expositions and architecture.

For the topic New perspectives for cremation we collaborated very closely with IFZW and its partners as well during all this time because one of the objectives was always to adapt the existing offers to the permanently changing needs and requirements of people throughout the world in a changing market. This is a sector where much change is certainly still to come – most of all in Germany.

In autumn 2006 this resulted in the idea to initiate a study on the topic of the Crematorium of the Future. ARTelier Reiss was not only the executing planning office for this, but also participated in the project, which was supported by three partners together: IFZW as a leading supplier for the building and the operation of turnkey cremation systems, CremTec, a consulting company from Stade near Hamburg, which offers extensive support for the operators of private and communal cremation systems and finally ARTelier Reiss whose task in this project was to be the think tank of the future-study.